World’s Smallest AEC-Q100 Qualified Buck DC/DC Solutions

DC/DC + Coil Integration for Automotive

Torex’s XDL Family provides integrated coil step-down DC/DC solutions that offer high levels of performance and reliability for the demanding and space constrained automotive applications. XDL products support a wide input voltage range of up to 36V (46V surge), provide superior thermal performance and minimised radiated noise (EMI). XDL packages also have wettable flanks.



Optimised for Space Constrained Applications

Ideal for space constrained applications such as sensors and cameras, small control modules, telematics, infotainment & HMI.




Low Radiated Noise

Below we compare the near magnetic field radiation generated by the XDL Series Micro DC/DC against the performance of our external coil DC/DC.

Test conditions: VIN=5.0V, VOUT=3.3V, IOUT=300mA


High Reliability Package

XDL package structure comes with wettable flanks that can achieve 100% Automated Visual Inspection (AVI) success rate and lowers the inspection time. Furthermore, the package heat dissipation is enhanced with the use of large DC/DC thermal pad that contributes to high levels of reliability.


XDL601/02 (5.5V 1.5A Step-Down Micro DC/DC)

The integrated coil structure provides more than 50% of PCB area savings together with minimised radiated noise (EMI). In addition, the integrated coil structure provides more than 50% of PCB area savings together with minimised radiated noise (EMI).

Key Features & Typical Application Circuit


Series XDL601 XDL602
Output Current 1.5A
P-Ch 0.10Ω (typ)
N-Ch 0.14Ω (typ)
Input Voltage Range 2.5V ~ 5.5V
Output Voltage Range 0.8V ~ 3.3V
Switching Frequency 3.0MHz
Quiescent Current (typ.) 400μA 25μA
Control Method Hi-SAT COT

Fixed PWM Control

PWM/PFM Auto-switching
Max Duty Cycle 100%
Protection Circuits Current Limit Circuit, Short Circuit Protection,
UVLO (2.0V), Thermal Shutdown
Additional Features Integral Soft-start
Optional CL Discharge
Op. Amb. Temperature -40ºC ~ +105ºC
Package DFN3625-11A (Wettable Flank)


Fast Transient Response

Enhanced COT technology supports fast transient response, a stable switching frequency and superior load regulation without the weaknesses of the conventional COT technology.




High Efficiency & Low Output Ripple

93% efficiency at VIN=5.0V, VOUT=3.3V, IOUT=500mA