XCL232 Low Power Step-Down Micro DC/DC


The XCL232 is an ultra-low power, ultra-small Step-Down Micro DC/DC with integrated coil.

With a quiescent current of only 200 nA, this Micro DC/DC converter is one of the lowest in its class. Coupled with an efficiency which remains at above 80% even at outputs as low as 0.01 mA, the XCL232 is ideal for designs requiring long battery life.

Delivered in a package measuring only 2.5 mm x 2.0 mm, the XCL232 is the ultimate PCB space saving solution and this small size together with the low power consumption, makes it the perfect choice for battery-powered designs in applications such as wearables, smart meters and sensor modules. 



  • Long Battery Life
    • High efficiency levels even at low output current

  • Ultra-Low Power
    • 200 nA Quiescent Current

  • Ultra-Small
    • Designed to save PCB space with a small package size and a total mounting area of only 7.56 mm2

Typical Application Circuit




Input Voltage Range:

1.8 V ~ 6.0 V (abs. max 7 V)

Output Voltage Range:

0.5 V ~ 1.9 V (50mV steps)
2.0 V~3.6 V (100mV steps)

VOUT Accuracy:

±20 mV (VOUT≦1.0V)
±2.0% (VOUT>1.0V)

Output Current:


Quiescent Current:

200nA @ VOUT=1.8V


86% (VIN=3.6V, VOUT=1.8V, IOUT=10mA)

Control Methods:



CL Discharge (D Type)

UVLO function


Protection Functions:

Short Protection

Operating Temperature Range: -40 °C ~ +85 °C


CL-2025-03 (2.5 x 2.0 x 1.04 mm)


Maximise Battery Life

At 200 nA the XCL232 has the lowest quiescent current in our Micro DC/DC range.

From sleep state to full operation of the MCU or SoC, power is supplied with high efficiency across the full load range.

As shown in the graph on the right there is significant benefit in efficiency when comparing the XCL232 to a conventional buck Micro DC/DC at low levels of output current.

Combining the very low quiescent current with high levels of efficiency at low loads makes the XCL232 unrivalled in reducing the impact on battery life:


Versatile Step-Down Solution

This new step-down Micro DC/DC is ideal for use with applications powered from either single cell Li primary batteries or Li-Ion/Li-Polymer re-chargeable batteries. The diagram below shows a typical application circuit powered from a Li-Ion/Li-Polymer cell where the XCL232 is used to step-down to 2.8 V from the battery to power the low Iq MCU.


Ultra-Compact Design

The XCL232 has been designed with PCB space saving in mind, integrating the Coil and DC/DC Converter IC into a 2.0 mm x 2.5 mm package with a maximum height of 1.04 mm.

The total mounting area for the Micro DC/DC Converter, including external capacitors, is only 7.56 mm2, smaller than similar products from leading competitors.



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