XC9147/48 - Ultra-Low Power DC/DC Converter


The XC9147/48 is the perfect DC/DC converter for your next battery powered design.

It offers an ultra-low IQ for a step-up DC/DC, high efficiency rating and can operate in higher ambient temperatures. This product is available with optional load disconnect function and shipping function further reducing power consumption when not in use.

With a wide voltage range from 1.8 V ~ 5.5 V and many optional functions such as CL Auto Discharge and UVLO 1.6 V to choose from the XC9147/48 is an ideal Step-Up DC/DC for many applications including wearables, smart meters home units and IoT. 



  • Ultra-low power consumption
    • Very low IQ for a step-up DC/DC, only 19 μA (1.2 MHz)


  • Long battery life
    • Efficiency remains high at low output levels
      • 79 % at 0.1 mA and 92.8 % at 10 mA 
    • Shutdown function when shipping


  • Broad range of options to suit applications
    • Load Disconnection (with optional CL Discharge)
    • VOUT "OR“
    • Bypass


Typical Application Circuit





Input Voltage Range:

0.65 V ~ 6.0 V
(Abs Max 7.0 V)

Output Voltage Range: 1.8 V ~ 5.5 V
(±2.0 %)
Driver ON-Resistance: 0.2 Ω (Pch) / 0.17 Ω (Nch)
Fosc: 1.2 MHz or 3.0 MHz
Low IQ: 19 μA (1.2 MHz)
Input Current: 1.4 A
Min. Output Current:

750 mA @ VOUT = 5.0 V, VBAT = 3.3 V (TYP.)
500 mA @ VOUT = 3.3 V, VBAT = 1.8 V (TYP.)

Control Method: PWM (XC9147)
PWM/PFM (XC9148)

Load Disconnection
CL Discharge
Soft Start

Operating Temperature: -40 oC ~ +105 oC
Available Packages: SOT89-5 or USP-6C


Maximise Battery Life


Load Disconnection Function : A/D/G/J types

It is configured to cut off the continuity from the input side to the output side during standby mode (CE = ”L”). For the A/D/G/J types, the CL discharge function operates when the charge in the output capacitance is quickly discharged. In order to prevent the application from malfunction, the charge remaining in the output capacitance.


Bypass Mode : XC9148 B/E/H/K types

The Pch synchronous switching FET is turned on to connect the input side and output side during the standby mode (CE = ”L”),. By operating in this bypass mode, current can be supplied to the output side even during standby mode, and it is possible to drive the subsequent devices. In this configuration, a system that can be driven by a low voltage at the standby or sleep mode, it is set to bypass mode and the input voltage is output to the output side. where communication or calculation that requires a high drive voltage is performed in the active mode, the system is driven by activating of the IC and performing boosting operation. This operation can dramatically reduce the power consumption in the standby mode and improve the battery life.


OR Connection : XC9148 C/F/M/L types

The XC9148 C/F/M/L types compare the input voltage BAT and output voltage VOUT to optimally control the orientation of the parasitic diode of the Pch synchronous switching FET even during standby mode, so that the input side and output side do not connect through the parasitic diode of the Pch synchronous switching FET.

Even if an external voltage higher than the BAT voltage is applied to the output side by controlling this parasitic diode, the input side and output side do not connect, and output OR connection is possible.

This type can be used for OR connection is possible such as backup power supply and output OR connection assuming the input of an external power supply.

Moreover, the design which suppresses the discharge current from a battery at the time of OR connection is adopted. This can suppress battery discharge during OR connection.



Shipping mode function

As shown in the diagram above, in the case which the CE is driven by an MCU, the CE can be set to the Low state by the MCU, then the product can be shipped in a shutdown state without battery consumption.

When a final user applies the main power, the MCU starts operating, and by setting CE to the High state, the backup is ready to go thereafter


High Efficiency

Even at a low output of 0.1 mA the XC9147/48 achieves efficiency of 79 % and offers higher levels of efficiency at larger output loads.

XC9148 (PWM/PFM)  1.2 MHz,  VIN = 1.8 V,  VOUT = 3.3 V,  Ta = 25 ℃