Solutions for Industrial Sensors and IoT Devices

12V / 24V  Solutions

Solutions for Industrial Sensors and IoT Devices

There has always been a huge number of sensors available for all sorts of industrial applications and with the advent of the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) these devices are now connected to global networks and individually addressable. 

Industrial IoT sensors are widely used in different industries to monitor equipment, assets, systems, and overall performance. Real-time data is then analysed and transmitted to a company’s centralized system. Management can then make informed decisions about maintenance priorities and future asset replacement needs.

Although many sensors are now battery powered, in this article we discuss solutions for traditional wired applications using a 12V or 24V supply.  Small size and high efficiency are still important as space is often limited and good thermal management is necessary.

Below we illustrate a typical power architecture and demonstrate how our products can be used.

Application Example

Powering small Industrial IoT Devices and Sensors from 12V or 24V.

Key requirements: 

  • Small solution size, with low EMI performance and excellent power dissipation
  • Ability to cope with input voltage fluctuations

Recommended Solution:


Circuit Block

Torex Series

Key Features

(1) Step-down DC/DC XC9270/71 30V, 300KHz or 500KHz, 2A
(2) Step-down DC/DC XCL201/02 DC/DC with Integrated Inductor, PWM/PFM, 1.2MHz, 400mA, Low EMI
XCL205/06 DC/DC with Integrated Inductor, PWM/PFM, 3MHz, 600mA
(3) RESET IC XC6118 Separate sense pin, Low, Iq, Release delay with external Cd
XC6134 Separate sense pin, adj. hysteresis, Release / Detection delay with external Cd


(1) Primary Step-down DC/DC Converter

  • Sufficient input voltage range and output current for various industrial equipment, and easy-to-use frequency (XC9270/71).
    • With the VIN terminal absolute maximum rating of 36V and a maximum surge voltage of 46V (during 400ms), the XC9270/71 can operate in demanding industrial applications that require protection against transient surge voltages

(2) Secondary Step-down DC/DC Converter for powering the MCU / FPGA / Sensor

  • Stable operation,  small size and low EMI are realized by placing Micro DC/DC which include an integrated Inductor (XCL205/06) close to the Point of Load on the PCB.
  • EMI can be further reduced by using the XCL201/02 Micro DC/DC with its lower switching frequency (1.2MHz). 

(3) Voltage detector for monitoring the 12V/24V input 

  • 12V/24V input monitoring using a Voltage detector with separated sense pin.
  • RESETB signal monitoring at 12V/24V input voltage drop is output to the MCU / FPGA, and after the shutdown process, the DC/DC can be stopped according to the sequence using the RC delay. It can be easily configured using the CMOS output type of the voltage detector (XC6118).
  • Any detect / release voltage can be set by using the external adjustable hysteresis function.  In addition, it supports not only release delay but also detection delay. (XC6134).