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XC6127 0.6uA Voltage Detectors with Improved Accuracy

0.6uA Voltage Detectors with Improved Accuracy image


Property XC6127
Type Manual Reset High Accuracy
Detect Voltage 1.5 ~ 5.5V
Accuracy ±0.8%
Operating Voltage 0.7 ~ 6.0V
Supply Current 0.6µA(TYP.) (Vin=1.62V)
Output Open Drain CMOS
Packages USPN-4, SSOT-24, SOT-25

Product Description

0.6uA Voltage Detectors with Improved Accuracy

The XC6127 utilises a newly revised internal circuit which offers improved Temperature Characteristics (±50ppm/degC) and higher accuracies with a tolerance of ±0.8% now standard.

The XC6127 integrates a precise internal delay circuit and the standard release delay time period is set at 100ms ±15%. Additional delay time options in a range from 50ms to 800ms are also available upon request.

With a dedicated Manual RESET input and ultra low power consumption, only 0.6μA in operation, the XC6127 is ideally suited for monitoring a wide range of microprocessors, in all types of battery powered applications.

The XC6127 can be configured as Detect Low RESET output or Detect High. It is also readily available with either an N-channel open drain output or a CMOS output.

The USPN-4 package, measuring only 1.2mm x 0.9mm x 0.4mm, comes as standard, making the XC6127 one of the smallest solutions on the market today. However, Torex also offers the XC6127 in the SSOT-24 & SOT-25 packages if required.


• Highly Accurate: ± 0.8% as standard
• Low Power Consumption: 0.6 µA (TYP.) [ VIN=1.62V ]
• Detect Voltage Range: 1.5V ~ 5.5V (100mV increments)
• Operating Voltage Range: 0.7V ~ 6.0V
• Release Delay Time Options: 50ms,100ms,200ms,400ms,800ms
• Output Configuration: N-channel open drain or CMOS output

XC6217 Typical Application Circuit