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XC6215 0.8uA Quiescent Current LDOs with CE Pin

0.8uA Quiescent Current LDOs with CE Pin image


Property XC6215
Type Low Power with CE Pin
Input Voltage 1.5 ~ 6.0V
Output Voltage 0.9 ~ 5.0V
Accuracy ± 2%
Maximum Output Current 200mA
Quiescent Current 0.8µA
Packages USP-4, SSOT-24, USP-3, SOT-25, USPN-4, USP-6B06

Product Description

0.8uA Quiescent Current LDO with CE Pin

Although the XC6215 has a CE pin which enables the IC to be turned off, thereby reducing power consumption, in actual operation, the LDO only consumes an incredibly low 0.8μA! Output voltage is selectable in 0.1V steps within a range of 0.9V ~ 5.0V and the operating voltage range is from 1.5V ~ 6.0V.


  • Low Power Consumption 0.8μA (typ.)
  • Operating Voltage Range: 1.5V ~ 6.0V
  • Output Voltage Range: 0.9V ~ 5.0V (0.1V steps)
  • Maximum Output Current: 200mA
  • Dropout Voltage: 320mV@ 100mA
  • Stand-by Current less than 0.1μA
  • Low ESR Ceramic Capacitor Compatible

NEW ultra-low profile (1.8 x 1.5 x 0.33mm) USP-6B06 package

XC6215 Typical Application Circuit