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XC6603 1A 0.5V Ultra LDO Voltage Regulator With Adjustable Soft-Start

1A 0.5V Ultra LDO Voltage Regulator With Adjustable Soft-Start image


Property XC6603
Type Low Input Voltage (Adj. Soft-start)
Input Voltage 0.5 ~ 3.0V
Output Voltage 0.5 ~ 1.8V
Accuracy ±0.015V
Maximum Output Current 1A
Supply Current 100µA
Packages USP-6C, SOT-26W

Product Description

1A 0.5V Ultra LDO Voltage Regulator With Adjustable Soft-Start

The XC6603 series from Torex is a high speed and highly accurate LDO which can supply up to 1A of output current while consuming only 100µA. With the help of a bias voltage that can be set between 2.5V and 6.0V, the XC6603 operates with input voltages from 0.5V to 3.0V and is readily available with fixed output voltages from 0.5V to 1.8V in 0.1V increments.

It is thanks to its integrated N-ch driver transistor that the minimum input and output voltages of the XC6603 can be much lower than more traditional LDOs with their integrated P-ch transistors. Another advantage of the XC6603 integrated N-ch driver transistor is that it dramatically reduces the on-resistance at low output voltages, leading to dropout voltages as low as 155mV @ 1A with VOUT=1.2V (VBIAS=3.6V). This makes the XC6603 ideally suited for low input/output voltage applications which require high output current and extended battery life.

Available in a tiny USP-6C package as well as a standard SOT-26W.

Key Features :

• Input Voltage: 0.5V~3.0V
• Output Voltage: 0.5V~1.8V (0.1V steps)
• Max. Output current: 1A
• Ripple Rejection Rate: 60dB @ 1kHz
• Low supply current: 100μA
• Standby current: <0.01μA
• Op. Temp Range: -40ºC~85ºC
• Auto CL Discharge


XC6603 Typical Application Circuit