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XC6217 Green Operation LDO Regulator

Green Operation LDO Regulator image


Property XC6217
Type High Speed 'Green Operation'
Input Voltage Range 1.6 ~ 6.0V
Output Voltage Range 0.8 ~ 4.0V
Accuracy ±2%
Maximum Output Current 200mA
Quiescent Current 4.5µA
Packages USP-4D, SOT-25, SSOT-24, USPN-4

Product Description

"Green Operation" LDO Regulator

  • XC6217A CE active high
  • XC6217B CE active high with CL discharge resistor
  • XC6217C CE active high, no CL discharge resistor, no GO pin
  • XC6217D CE active high, with CL discharge resistor, no GO pin

The XC6217 is a truly revolutionary range of low noise, high speed, LDO regulators, which incorporate our new proprietary ‘Green Operation’ (GO) functionality. Our second generation GO circuit automatically reduces quiescent current at low output loads down to 4.5μA (typ), whilst offering extremely fast ripple rejection (70dB @ 1kHz) and low dropout voltage (80mV @ 100mA) in high speed mode (HS).

Green operation (GO) automatically switches between a high speed mode (HS) and a power save mode (PS) depending upon the load current level. The switch point is fixed internally. High-speed only operation can be enabled by providing a high level signal to the GO pin, this allows the user to select the most appropriate operating mode for the application.

Key Features :

  • Maximum Output Current: 200mA (250mA Typ)
  • Dropout Voltage: 80mV@ 100mA (HS Mode)
  • Operating Voltage Range: 1.8V ~ 6.0V
  • Output Voltage Setting Range 0.8V ~ 4.0V (50mV increments)
  • Low Power Consumption:  4.5μA (typ.), PS mode , 25μA (typ.), HS mode
  • Stand-by Current less than 0.1μA
  • Fast Ripple Rejection 70dB @ 1kHz
  • Low ESR Capacitor - Ceramic capacitor compatible
  • Small Packages SOT-25, SC-82, USP-4D, USPN-4


XC6217 Typical Application Circuit

XC6217 Dropout Voltage vs Output Current