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XC6401 Dual LDO Voltage Regulator

Dual LDO Voltage Regulator image


Property XC6401
Type Dual
Input Voltage 1.5 ~ 6.0V
Output Voltage 0.8 ~ 5.0V
Accuracy ± 2%
Maximum Output Current 150mA
Supply Current 25µA
Packages USP-6B, SOT-26W

Product Description

This product is not recommended for new designs, please use XC6415

Dual LDO Voltage Regulator

The XC6401 comprises two high speed, low noise, LDO voltage regulators in a small SOT26W, USP-6B or USP-6C chip-scale package.

Each output can be set-up independently and offers high ripple rejection rates and low output noise.

The XC6401 can also be used with low ESR ceramic capacitors.


  • Input Voltage: 1.8V ~ 6.0V
  • Output Voltage: 0.8V ~ 5.0V (0.05V steps)
  • Max. Output current: >150mA/ch
  • Drop-out Voltage: 100mV @ 100mA
  • Ripple Rejection Rate: >70dB @ 10kHz
  • Low supply current: 25μA/ch
  • Standby current: <0.1μA
  • Op. Temp Range: -40ºC~85ºC
  • Built-in Current Limit Circuit
  • Low ESR Ceramic Capacitor Compatible


XC6401 Typical Application Circuit