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XC8101 200mA Line Switch with Low ON Resistance

200mA Line Switch with Low ON Resistance image


Property XC8101
Type Low On-Resistance
Input Voltage 1.8 ~ 6.0V
Current Limit Value 300mA
Maximum Output Current 200mA
Supply Current 2µA
On Resistance -
Packages USP-4, SSOT-24, SOT-25

Product Description

200mA Line Switch with Low ON Resistance

The XC8101 is a low voltage P-Channel MOSFET power switch for high load switching applications. The XC8101 has ON/OFF control and is a perfect solution when you need to provide a series of stable voltage outputs.

By connecting, for example, the XC8101’s VIN pin to the output pin of a step-down DC/DC converter such as the XC9235, the line switcher can be used to provide a number of accurate & efficient output rails.

The XC8101’s CE pin controls the ON/OFF for each switcher to deliver power as and when needed thereby maximizing overall efficiency. No external capacitors are needed so the XC8101 is also a space saving solution where board space is at a premium.


  • On Resistance: 0.75 Ω @ Vin=2.9V (typ)
  • Input Voltage Range: 1.8V~6.0V
  • Output Current: 200mA (current limit=300mA)
  • High Speed Discharge Function
  • Low Power Consumption: 3μA (@Vin=1.8V)
  • Stand-by Current: 0.1μA