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XC6194 Push Button Smart Load Switch

Push Button Smart Load Switch image


Property XC6194
Input Voltage Range 1.8~6.0V
Quiescent Current 0.13µA(typ.), 0.42µA(Max.)
Output Current 1A (VIN=2.0V, Ta=25°C)
Turn-On Delay Time 0.2s, 1.0s, 3.0s, 5.0s
Turn-Off Delay Time 3.0s, 5.0s, 10s, 15s
Stand-by Current 0.001µA(typ.)
Packages USP-8B06

Product Description

The XC6194 is a Push Button Load Switch with functions best suited to battery operated devices. The IC is equipped with output capacitor inrush current limit soft start, output capacitor discharge function and output short circuit protection. 

The XC6194 is available in a Small Low Profile package USP-8B06 measuring only 2.0 x 2.0 x 0.33mm!



  • Input Voltage Range : 1.8V ~ 6.0V
  • Output Current :1000mA (VIN=2.0V, Ta=25℃)
  • Shutdown function (the SHDN pin)
  • Stand-by Current : 0.001μA (Typ.) / Turn-Off state
  • Quiescent Current : 0.13μA (Typ.) / Turn-On state
  • Operating Ambient Temperature : -40oC ~ +85oC
  • Power Good function (The PG pin)
  • Package : USP-8B06