Products - End of Life Products

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Code Alternative Part
XB1085 N/A
XB1086 N/A
XB1117 N/A
XBP1001 N/A
XBP1002 N/A
XBP1004 N/A
XBP1009 N/A
XC2141 N/A
XC2163 N/A
XC2164 N/A
XC2165 N/A
XC2173 N/A
XC2300 N/A
XC2301 N/A
XC6211 XC6219, XC6221
XC6212 XC6204, XC6209
XC62E XC6220
XC62FP XC6201, XC6206, XC62FJ
XC6423 XC6421
XC9201 XC9220, XC9221
XC9207 XC9235, XC9236, XC9237
XC9206 XC9235, XC9236, XC9237
XC9208 XC9235, XC9236, XC9237
XC9210 XC9220, XC9221
XC9215 XC9235, XC9236, XC9237
XC9216 XC9235, XC9236, XC9237
XC9217 XC9235, XC9236, XC9237
XC9227 XC9237
XC9228 XC9235, XC9236, XC9237
XC9229 XC9235, XC9236, XC9237
XC9306 -
XC9401 N/A
XC9509 N/A
XC9510 N/A
XC9511 N/A
XC9515 N/A
XCM410 N/A
XC25BS5 -
XCM517 -
XCM519 -
XCM406 -
XC6214 XC6503
XC3101 N/A
XC3202B N/A
XC9225 XC9235
XC9226 XC9236
XBP141P-G -
XBS013R1DR-G XBS013S15R-G, XBS013S16R-G, XBS013P11R-G
XBS013S1CR-G XBS013S15R-G, XBS013S16R-G, XBS013P11R-G
XBS013V1DR-G XBS013S15R-G, XBS013S16R-G, XBS013P11R-G
XC9248 -
XC9272 XC9276
XD9242 -
XD9243 -
XD9260 -
XD9261 -
XD9263 -
XD9264 -
XD9267 -
XD9268 -
XD9707 -
XD9708 -
XDL601 -
XDL602 -
XDL603 -
XDL604 -
XDL605 -
XDL606 -
XC9307 -
XC9308 -
XC9258 -
XC9259 -
XC9260 -
XCL225 -
XCL226 -
XC9261 -
XCL230 -
XCL231 -
XC9262 -
XC9263 -
XC9264 -
XC9266 -
XC9267 -
XC9268 -
XCL303 -
XCL304 -
XC9273 -
XC9274 -
XC9275 -
XC9280 -
XC9281 XC9235
XC9282 XC9236
XC6224 XC6221
XC6420 -
XC6421 -
XC6805 XC6808
XC6806 -
XC9128 XC9147, XC9148
XC9129 XC9147, XC9148
XC9131 XC9147, XC9148
XC9135 XC9147, XC9148
XC9136 XC9147, XC9148
XC9143 -
XC9144 -
XC9250 XC9270
XC9251 XC9271
XC6225 -
XC6401 XC6415
XC6416 -
XC6419 -