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XC9129 0.8V Synch Step-Up DC/DC Converter

0.8V Synch Step-Up DC/DC Converter image


Property XC9129
Output Current 500mA
Input Voltage 0.8 ~ 6.0V
Output Voltage ADJ=0.45V
Oscillation Frequency 1.2MHz
Quiescent Current 28µA
Packages USP-10B

Product Description

0.8V Synch Step-Up DC/DC Converter

  • Step-up from 0.8V Single Cell 
  • PWM or PWM/PFM Auto Switching Control

The XC9129 series is a synchronous step-up DC/DC with a 0.2 Ohm (typ) N-channel driver transistor and a synchronous 0.2 Ohm (typ) P-channel switching transistor built-in and is capable of providing step-up solutions from inputs as low as 0.8V.

With a high switching frequency of 1.2MHz, a small inductor can be used making the XC9129 ideally suited to applications with limited board space. Output voltage is externally set within a range of 1.8V~5.3V using a reference voltage supply of 0.45V and split resistors.

The MODE pin enables the user to select either fixed PWM control or PWM/PFM automatic switching control by sending a high or low signal to the pin.

The series can be used with ceramic capacitors.


  • Operating Voltage: 0.8V ~ 6.0V
  • Output Voltage: 1.8V~ 5.3V (externally set)
  • Output Current: 500mA (Vout=3.3V, Vin=1.8V)
  • Switching Frequency: 1.2MHz
  • Soft-Start Time: 5ms (typ)
  • Thermal Shutdown & Integral Latch Protection


XC9129 Efficiency vs Output