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XC9302 Step-Up/Down DC/DC converter

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Property XC9302
Output Current 250mA
Input Voltage 2.0 ~ 10V
Output Voltage 2.4 ~ 6.0V
Oscillation Frequency 180kHz, 300kHz
Quiescent Current 20µA
Packages SOT-25

Product Description

The XC9302 series is a step-up/down DC/DC controller ICs with fast, low ON resistance drivers built-in. A versatile, large output current, step-up/down DC/DC converter can be realised using only 4 basic external components - transistors, coils, diodes and capacitors.

Output voltage is selectable in 100mV steps within a 2.4V ~ 6.0V ( ± 2.5% accuracy) range and switching frequency is set at 180kHz or 300KHz. The XC9302 series switches from PWM to PFM control during light loads and the series offers high efficiencies from light loads through to large output currents. Soft-start time is internally set to 10msec, which offers protection against rush currents when the power is switched on and also against voltage overshoot. During shutdown (CE pin = L), consumption current can be reduced to as little as 0.5μA or less.


  • Input Voltage Range: 2.0V ~ 10V
  • Output Voltage Range: 2.4V ~ 6.0V
  • Oscillation Frequency: 180KHz or 300KHz
  • Output Current: more than 250mA
  • High Efficiency: 80% (Typ)
  • Stand-By: ISTB = 0.5μA (MAX.)
  • Output Voltage Internal Set-Up