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XC9265 Ultra Low Power Synch PFM DC/DC Converter

Ultra Low Power Synch PFM DC/DC Converter image


Property XC9265
Output Current 200mA
Input Voltage 2.0 ~ 6.0V
Output Voltage 1.0 ~ 4.0V (0.05V increments)
PFM Switching Current 330mA
Quiescent Current 0.5µA
Packages SOT-25, USP-6EL

Product Description

Ultra Low Power Synchronous Step-Down PFM DC/DC Converter

The XC9265 series consumes only 0.5µA during operation making it ideal for applications that run from batteries for long periods of time. This ultra low quiescent current is achieved by implementing a synchronous PFM architecture to minimize the switching losses during low loads.

Developed using our proprietary CMOS process, the XC9265 integrates a 0.5Ω P-ch driver transistor and a 0.5Ω synchronous N-ch switching transistor to ensure high levels of efficiency and superior performance for demanding battery powered applications.

Only an inductor and two ceramic capacitors are needed externally and the XC9265 is able to operate from 6.0V down to inputs as low as 2.0V to help further maximise battery life in portable applications.

The XC9265 series also features a soft-start circuit, an enable pin to turn the IC on and off and an optional CL discharge function that can quickly discharge the output capacitor when the IC is turned off. During stand-by, all circuits are shutdown to reduce consumption to less than 0.1μA.

An optional UVLO function can also be used to reduce the leakage of potassium hydroxide from small batteries by stopping IC operation while battery voltage is declining. The standard release voltage of UVLO is 1.75V (±3.0%) and selectable voltages range from 1.6V~2.7V in 0.05V steps.

XC9265 Typical Application Circuit

XC9265 Output Ripple vs Output Current