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XC9252 30V 5A Step-Down DC/DC Controller

30V 5A Step-Down DC/DC Controller image


Property XC9252
Output Current 5A
Input Voltage 3.0 ~ 30V
Output Voltage 1.5 ~ Vin V
Oscillation Frequency 280kHz ~ 550kHz
Quiescent Current 30µA
Packages TSSOP-16, USP-10B

Product Description

30V, 5A Step-Down DC/DC Controller Consumes Only 30uA in Operation!

The XC9252 series is an ultra low quiescent current, non-synchronous step-down DC/DC controller. This is a high breakdown voltage product with an operating input voltage of 30V, input rating of 36V, and a peak voltage of 46V for 400ms.

Highly efficient, stable power supplies, with output currents of more than 5A can be realized and the switching frequency can be set to any value from 280kHz to 550kHz by connecting an external resistor to the ROSC pin.

The XC9252 series has a 0.8V (±2%) reference voltage, and using externally connected resistors, the output voltage can be set freely within a range of 1.5V to VIN. The control method is selectable via the mode pin and can be set to PWM only or to automatic PWM/PFM switching for high levels of efficiency across the full load spectrum.

The soft-start time can be adjusted externally by connecting a capacitor (CSS) to the SS pin.

Available in a TSSOP-16 package (A,C type) or USP-10B package (B type).


Features :

Input Voltage: 3.0V ~ 30V
FB Voltage: 0.8V (±2%)
Output Current: 5A ~
Switching Frequency: Set Externally 280kHz ~ 550kHz
Quiescent Current: 30uA @ 300kHz
Max Duty Cycle: 100%
Soft Start (externally set)
Thermal Shutdown
External CLK Sync
Current Limit (with optional latch)
Operating Ambient Temperature: -40°C ~ 105°C


XC9252 Typical Application Circuit

XC9252 Efficiency vs Output Current