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XC9243 2A Synchronous Step Down DC/DC Converter

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Property XC9243
Output Current 2A
Input Voltage 2.7 ~ 6.0V
Output Voltage 0.9 ~ 6.0V
Oscillation Frequency 1.2MHz, 2.4MHz
Quiescent Current 41µA
Packages USP-10B, SOP-8FD

Product Description

2A Synchronous Step Down DC/DC Converter

Now also available in the SOP-8FD package which is designed to maximise the package power dissipation. The SOP-8FD integrates a large GND tab underneath the package which can be directly bonded to the PCB to improve the thermal performance.

The XC9243 series is a synchronous PFM/PWM auto switching step-down DC/DC converter with an integral 0.11Ω (TYP.) P-channel and a synchronous 0.12Ω (TYP.) N-channel switching transistor built-in. Output currents of up to 2A can be achieved using a simple circuit.

The XC9243 operates with input voltages ranging between 2.7V and 6.0V, and its output voltage can be set between 0.9V and VIN by using two external resistors.

With switching frequencies of 1.2MHz or 2.4MHz, small inductors can be used, making the series ideally suited to applications where height and PCB area is limited.

The XC9243 series features various protection circuits, such as a thermal shutdown circuit that stops operation when the chip’s temperature reaches 150ºC and a UVLO (Under Voltage Lock Out) circuit that does the same when the input voltage decreases below 2.5V. Both of the above functions are implemented using hysteresis, and will allow the XC9243 to resume normal operation when the chip’s temperature drops below 130ºC and when the input voltage increases to 2.68V respectively.

Available in a USP-10B & SOP-8FD packages


•Input Voltage: 2.7V ~ 6.0V
•Output Voltage: 0.9V ~ VIN
•Output Current: 2A
•Switching Frequency : 1.2MHz or 2.4MHz
•Soft-Start Circuit Built-In
•CL Discharge
•Current Limit Circuit (automatic return)
•Thermal Shutdown

Need more Integration ?

For additional space saving take a look at the XCL212 Micro DC/DC with integrated inductor! The XCL212 is available in a small USP-11B01 package measuring 3.1mm x 4.7mm x 1.3mm. Needs only two external capacitors!

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