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XC9516 Triple Output Power Supply DC/DC Converter for TFT-LCD

Triple Output Power Supply DC/DC Converter for TFT-LCD image


Property XC9516
Output Current 500mA (Vin=5.0V, Vout=9.0V)
Operating Voltage 2.5 ~ 5.5V
Output Voltage 19V (Step-up DC/DC)
Oscillation Frequency 300kHZ ~ 1.2MHz
Output Current 2µA
Packages QFN-20

Product Description

Triple Output Power Supply DC/DC Converter for TFT-LCD

The XC9516 series can supply power to three different rails of TFT-LCD panels thanks to an integrated step-up DC/DC converter for a source driver, as well as positive and negative charge pumps for a gate driver.

The XC9516 can operate with input voltages between 2.5V and 5.5V. The output voltage of the step-up DC/DC converter can be set between 5.5V and 19V by using two external resistors.

The switching frequency can be adjusted between 300kHz and 1.2MHz, thus permitting to choose between high efficiency (at lower switching frequencies) and low form factor (at higher switching frequencies).

The XC9516 power-up sequencing can be configured in two different ways:

  •  The step-up DC/DC ramps up first, followed by the negative charge pump and then by the positive charge pump;
  •  The negative charge pump ramps up ahead of the positive charge pump, which is itself followed by the step-up DC/DC. In order to implement this second configuration, an additional line switch is required at the output of the step-up DC/DC.

Features :

DC/DC Block

• Input Voltage: 2.5V ~ 5.5V
• Output Voltage: 5.5V ~ 19V
• Switching Frequency: 300kHz ~ 1.2MHz
• Output Current: 500mA
• PWM Switching Control

Negative Charge Pump Block

• Inverter with regulated output

Positive Charge Pump Block

• Doubler with regulated output

Package QFN-20