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XC6801 Single Cell Li-Ion & Li-Po Battery Charger IC

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Property XC6801
Type 1 Cell Li-ion
Operating Voltage 4.25 ~ 6.0V
Charge Termination Voltage 4.2V ± 0.7%
Trickle Charge Voltage 2.9V
Charge Current 100mA or 500mA
Supply Current 12µA
Packages SOT-25, SOT-89-5, USP-6C

Product Description

Single Cell Li-Ion & Li-Po Battery Charger IC

The XC6801 series is a constant current/constant voltage single cell lithium ion and lithium polymer battery charger IC.

Charge current can be selected from either 100mA (max.) or 500mA (max.) via a high or low signal to the IC's LIM pin. When the signal to the LIM pin is low, the charge current is 100mA max. When it is high, the charge current is 500mA max. As it is possible to select such a highly accurate charge current, the XC6801 is ideal for applications where the charge is from USB.

Operating voltage is between 4.25V ~ 6.0V and current consumption is only 12μA in standby (CE ON) and 8μA in shutdown (CE OFF).

The battery charge termination voltage is internally set to 4.2V ±0.7% and the trickle charge voltage and accuracy is 2.9V ±3%. In a typical application circuit, when the BAT pin voltage rises above 2.9V, the charger enters into constant-current mode (CC mode) and the battery is charged by the programmed current charge. When the BAT pin voltage reaches 4.2V, the charger enters constant-voltage mode (CV mode) automatically. After this, the charge current starts to drop and when it gets down to one tenth of the programmed charge current, the charge terminates. The charge status output pin, /CHG pin, is capable of checking the device’s charging state while connected to an external LED.