Ultra-low power Voltage Detectors able to detect voltages down to as low as 0.5V

The XC6135/36 series are ultra-low power voltage detectors that can detect voltages down to as low as 0.5V (XC6135).

Operating voltage for both detectors is from 1.1V ~ 6.0V and with a quiescent current of only 44nA (XC6135) and 88nA (XC6136) both ICs can extend the operating time of products with small batteries such as IoT devices, wearable devices, and smart meters.

Both the XC6135 & XC6136 feature an operational instability prevention function which stops malfunctions that can be caused by voltage lift under conditions lower than the minimum operating voltage (CMOS output versions only).

The XC6135 also has a sense pin separation function which allows it to detect a high withstand voltage in addition to the factory set detect voltage.

The XC6135/36 are available in SOT-25 & SSOT-24 packages as well as an ultra-compact USPQ-4B05 (1.0 x 1.0 x 0.33mm) package.

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