New “CoolPost” Technology featured in Codico’s latest Impulse magazine

Codico’s latest Impulse magazine has a double page feature on our new “CoolPost” technology and the related buck Micro DC/DCs (integrated inductor) that use it, the 18V XCL225/26 and the 36V XCL230/31.

We have incorporated Copper CoolPosts into a DFN3030-10B package to connect the inductor directly to the PCB footprint through the package. In addition, the DC/DC die is mounted directly on to the large thermal pad and this significantly increases the thermal performance of the package and gives more than 30% better heat dissipation.

These new Micro DC/DCs are low power, low output ripple voltage and high efficiency solutions and are ideally suited for use with space sensitive industrial applications.

To read Codico’s online feature on the XCL225/26 and the XCL230/31 click here

To find out more about “CoolPost” click here

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