World's Smallest 600mA Buck DC/DCs featured in Codico’s latest Impulse Magazine!

Codico’s latest Impulse magazine has a double page feature on two of the world's smallest 600mA synchronous buck DC/DCs, the 36V XC9267/68 (which in the 2.0 x 1.8 x 0.6mm USP-6C package is the world’s smallest 36V 0.6A buck DC/DC) and the 5.5V 6MHz Hi-SAT COT XC9281/82 (which in the tiny 0.96 x 0.88 x 0.33mm WLP-5-06 package can provide a total solution size of just 6.6mm2 including the external coil and caps making it the world's smallest 600mA buck DC/DC!)

These new DC/DCs are low quiescent current, low output ripple voltage and high efficiency solutions and are ideally suited for use with space sensitive industrial applications (36V) or space sensitive battery powered applications (5.5V).

To read Codico’s online feature on the XC9267/68 and the XC9281/82 click here


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