Our XC6192 is featured in Codico’s latest Impulse magazine!

The XC6192 is a new power saving push button load switch IC which operates between 2.5V~6.0V and consumes only 0.01uA (typ.) in stand-by thereby contributing to longer battery life.

By adding the XC6192 between the battery and the main power circuit (which could be a LDO or a DCDC) on the board, or between the battery and the MPU if the MPU is connected directly to the battery without any power circuit, it is possible to completely shut the line from the battery, which in turn stops the battery draining over time. We call this function “Ship Mode” or “Shutdown Mode”.

The XC6192 is available in an ultra-small USP-8B06 package measuring 2.0mm x 2.0mm x 0.33mm

To read Codico’s online feature on the XC6192 click here

To download the XC6192 datasheet click here

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