Ultra Low Profile Micro DC/DC Converter with Integrated Coil

The small size and simple circuit architecture makes the XCL223/224 an ideal replacement for inefficient LDO voltage regulators and by integrating the coil, Torex has simplified the circuit layout for the designer and reduced the number of external components normally needed to implement this type of DC/DC solution. The smaller circuit layout also means less PCB tracking, which helps further reduce the radiated noise.

Measuring only 2.25mm x 1.5mm x 0.75mm (max), the XCL223/224 series is designed to minimise EMI emissions and maximize efficiency, while delivering a very stable output with low peak to peak ripple Voltage (<10mV).

Utilising Hi-SAT COT, Torex’s Constant ON Time architecture, gives the XCL223/224 extremely fast load transient response performance in comparison to standard DC/DC solutions. Hi-SAT COT also provides less fluctuation in oscillation frequency against load and input voltage when compared to traditional COT control architectures.

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