Li-Ion/Li-Po battery charger with Storage Mode Shutdown

The XC6806 is a linear Li-Ion/Li-Po battery charger with a 450mA Input Current Limit and integrated Current Path to maintain and prioritise the system load during the charging cycle. It also includes a novel Storage Mode Shutdown function to help conserve battery life whilst the end product is in transit to the shops.

The Storage Mode Shutdown function completely shuts off power supply from the battery to the system to prevent battery leakage current while the device is in storage. When a power is connected to VIN the Shutdown Mode is cleared. This allows the device to be operated with full battery immediately after purchase even if it has been in storage for extended periods of time.

The integral input current limit makes the XC6806 ideal for USB charging or applications that use smaller AC/DC adaptors. The temperature monitoring function meets JEITA standards and by controlling the charge voltage and charge
current as appropriate for the temperature, the battery can be charged safely. Additional protective functions include a safety timer, UVLO, thermal control, and reverse current protection.

The XC6806 is available in the small USP-10B or LGA-10B01 package and a charging circuit can be designed with minimal external components

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