New additions to our Hi-SAT COT range

The XC9274/75 are simplified versions of the XC9273 without the extra MODE pins. Many of the features are still available, but the parameters are set at the factory and users select their preferences through the part number ordered.

As with the XC9273, with Hi-SAT the XC9274/75 only needs one low cost 47μF ceramic capacitor at the output side, whilst competitors often need multiple capacitors to achieve similar levels of performance. However, adding an extra capacitor will allow the user to reduce output ripple further if required.

Hi-SAT COT provides less fluctuation in oscillation frequency against load and input voltage when compared to traditional COT control architectures.

This reduces the number of pins needed and the XC9274/75 is available in SOP-8FD measuring 6.0mm x 4.9mm x1.55mm and the package incorporates an exposed GND tab to maximise heat dissipation.

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