XC9272 Low Power, Low Voltage DC/DC

Our new XC9272 series of DC/DC converters supports a low output voltage from 0.6V to 0.95V, and achieves an ultra-low supply current of 0.5μA. This enables power to be supplied with high-efficiency to chipsets that require a core voltage under 1.0V and maximizes the performance of low-voltage chipsets.

Optimization of the analog circuitry to realize a supply current of 0.5μA and the use of PFM control for the operation method enable this product to achieve a significant increase of efficiency at light loads compared to conventional products. This makes it possible to dramatically improve power dissipation when the chipset is in the sleep state.

These characteristics make this power IC ideal for applications that require a long battery drive time, such as devices with a GPS function, wearable devices, energy harvesting devices, and other devices in which efficiency in the sleep state is important.

The output voltage is set internally between 0.6V to 1.0V (±20mV) in 0.05V increments.  The XC9272 series also features a soft-start circuit, an enable pin to turn the IC on and off and an optional CL discharge function that can quickly discharge the output capacitor when the IC is turned off.  During stand-by, all circuits are shutdown to reduce consumption to less than 0.1μA.

The UVLO function can also be used to reduce the leakage of potassium hydroxide from small batteries by stopping IC operation while battery voltage is declining.  The release voltage of UVLO is typically 1.8V.

The XC9272 is available in the USP-6EL package for applications that require a small form factor or in the industry standard SOT-25 package. Additionally, fully populated evaluation boards IEVB) can be provided upon request.

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