XC6138 Low Power Voltage Detector with separated 76V VSEN pin

11th August 2023

Monitor 12 V and 24 V power rails directly without needing dividing resistors...

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XCL233 Ultra-Low Power Buck Micro DC/DC with VSET

7th July 2023

200nA Ultra-Low Quiescent Current & Voltage Select Function (VSET)...

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XCL104/05 Boost Micro DC/DC (Integrated Inductor)

27th April 2023

Multifunction 1.4A Boost Micro DC/DC Converter with small COOLPOST package...

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XC6705/06 20V 200mA Green Operation LDO

18th January 2023

50dB@1kHz PSRR with only 1.2uA Quiescent Current...

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XC6810 28V Multi-Function Charger IC

27th July 2022

Includes control & discharge prevention circuits for small batteries...

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XC9145: Ultra-Low Power Boost DC/DC Converter

8th June 2022

Only 400nA Quiescent Current Plus Ultra-small PKG!...

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