Ultra Low Power automotive LDO

11th February 2019

The XD6506 is a 6V 150mA Ultra Low Power Voltage Regulator that is AEC-Q100 certified...

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New 28V Voltage Regulator

5th February 2019

The XD6216 is a new range of products for applications that demand higher voltages and extended temperature ranges....

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New High Speed, Low Noise LDO

30th January 2019

The XC6238 provides a highly stable, low noise supply that meets the demands of battery-driven circuits....

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World's Smallest Automotive Micro DC/DC with Integrated Coil

23rd January 2019

The XDL601/02 is an ultra-small high speed transient response 1.5A synchronous step-down Micro DC/DC....

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Another award winning part for Torex!

14th January 2019

The XC6192 has received the Award of Excellence at "The Super Monodzukuri Parts Grand Award 2018"...

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Expanded Lineup of Transient Voltage Suppressors

9th January 2019

Able to withstand a 15kV discharge (IEC61000-4-2), the XBP06V0U25R-G series is a TVS diode array intended for 2-channel applications....

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