The XC6135/36 Series

13th August 2019

44nA & 88nA Ultra-Low Power Voltage Detectors...

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World's Smallest 600mA DC/DC

7th August 2019

Now available with a 4MHz Oscillation Frequency and Higher Efficiency....

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New Push Button Load Switch

29th July 2019

Now with a Wider Input Voltage Range and Lower IQ...

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XC6237 LDO with Green Operation

23rd July 2019

Our XC6237 offers the best of both, incorporating high speed and Low IQ!...

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XC9267/68 36V, 600mA Step Down DC/DC

12th July 2019

World's Smallest 36V DC/DC...

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Codico's Latest Impulse Magazine

28th May 2019

Torex Solutions for Powering FPGAs & MCUs featured in Codico’s Impulse Magazine...

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