Halogen & Antimony Free

What is meant by Halogen free ?

The regulations to which manufacturers are being asked to conform to are there to try and eliminate the use of Halogenated compounds, such as Bromine & Chlorine, in packaging. Although there are more Halogens than just Bromine & Chlorine, it is essentially these two that are the main focus in the drive towards Halogen free products.

Against what definition of Halogen free do Torex’s ICs conform ?

Torex ICs will be Halogen free according to the IPC IEC 61249-2-21 definition which states that in order to be regarded as Halogen free, ICs should contain no more than the following amounts of Bromine & Chlorine :

Bromine                     : 900ppm maximum
Chlorine                     : 900ppm maximum
Total Halogens         : 1,500ppm maximum

Can Torex already support Halogen free?

Torex is already converting many package types to Halogen Free or 'Green' mold compounds and can already support orders for Halogen free products for certain product families.

Our goal is to provide 100% Halogen free and Antimony free products.

What about Antimony free?

Yes, our Halogen free ICs will also be Antimony free. They will contain no more than 900ppm maximum, Sb2O3, Antimony Trioxide.

How can I order Halogen free products from Torex ?

Torex has been providing Pb-free products which fully comply to the existing RoHS directives for quite a few years now. Some of the older products have part numbers ending with 'N' in order to define them as Pb-free. The Halogen free products will end in '-G' and will comply with the IPC definition above, meaning that they will be Antimony free as well as Halogen free but will continue to conform to the current RoHS requirements.

For example, if you wanted to order a 3V voltage detector with a CMOS output from our XC61C series in a SOT23 package, the part number today would be XC61CC3002MRN where 'N' represents RoHS compliance. To order the Halogen free version of this product you would now order as XC61CC3002MR-G. Although the 'N' suffix has been replaced, the part is still fully RoHS compliant.

Does conformance to Halogen free have any negative effects?

No. Ordering Halogen free parts from Torex with the new '-G' suffix does not alter the RoHS compliance of the part nor does it change its moisture sensitivity level (MSL). There will be no change in the ICs performance and no change will be needed at board level.