ISO14001 Management System Certificate

Torex is fully certified to ISO14001 standards;

Environmental Plan

We are always concerned about the potential impact our business activities and products may have on the environment, and therefore seek to minimize this as much as possible. We promote activities aimed at reducing any such environmental impact and also at preventing pollution in an economical and effective way. We work continuously to improve upon such activities. We comply with environmental laws, regulations, and agreements, as well as with the commitments made by Torex itself. We place high priority on the following:

  1. Development of environmentally-friendly products
  2. Reduction of waste and promotion of recycling
  3. Proper control of purchased paper
  4. Promotion of green procurement

We communicate our environmental policy to all employees and promote environmental awareness throughout our organization through environmental campaigns and education. Our environmental policy is available to the public.

Sony Green Partner

Torex has also received Green Partner certification from Sony. This designation is given to suppliers that cooperate with specific procedures for reducing or eliminating environment-related substances in parts, devices and raw materials procured by Sony. Torex is also working with other major OEMs to improve the quality of their products, while minimizing any environmental impact. Taking a pro-active approach to issues that are important to our customers is one major differentiator between Torex and other analogue suppliers.