The Next Step in DC/DC + Coil Integration



Improved Thermal Performance with Copper CoolPost Structure

Torex has incorporated Copper CoolPosts into the DFN3030-10B package to connect the Inductor directly to the PCB footprint through the package. In addition, the DC/DC die is mounted directly on to the large thermal pad and this significantly increases the thermal performance of the package and gives much better heat dissipation.

Low Radiated Noise

Below we compare the near magnetic field radiation generated by the XCL226B0K1H2 Micro DC/DC with CoolPost technology against the performance of our XC9264B75CER-G DC/DC with external coil.

Test conditions: VIN=12V, VOUT=3.3V, IOUT=100mA.

The XCL225/26 and XCL230/31 series also pass EN55022 (CISPR 22) CLASS B with good margin

Optimised for Space Constrained Applications

The required circuit area for the CoolPost Micro DC/DC family is significantly smaller than the equivalent external coil solution.

The space saving and simplified overall design makes the XCL family ideally suited for various applications such as Industrial IoT (Smart Factory), 4-20mA Current-Loop, HVAC and Building Control, Security & Home Automation, High Voltage LDO Replacement & Point of Load (12V & 24V Systems).




CoolPost Product Line Up

XCL225/26/30/31 (18V/36V Step-Down Micro DC/DC)

Series XCL225 XCL226 XCL230 XCL231
Output Current 500mA 600mA
P-Ch 0.99Ω (typ) 1.12Ω (typ)
N-Ch 0.69Ω (typ) 0.44Ω (typ)
Input Voltage Range 3.0V ~ 18V (Ab. Max 20V) 3.0V ~ 36V (Ab. Max 40V)
VIN Surge Voltage - 46V ≤400ms
FB Voltage 0.75V±1.5% 0.75V±1.5%
Output Voltage Range 1.0V ~ 15.0V 1.0V ~ 5.0V
Switching Frequency 1.2MHz 1.2MHz
Quiescent Current (typ.) 90μA 12.5μA 180μA 12.5μA
Max Duty Cycle 100%
Protection Circuits Current Limit, Short Circuit,
UVLO, Thermal Shutdown
Additional Features Adjustable Soft-start
Power Good Output
Package DFN3030-10B


Typical Application Circuit & Package Construction



XCL226B0K1H2 Test Conditions: VIN = 12V, VOUT = 3.3V, IOUT = 0.2A

High Efficiency & Low Output Ripple



Standard EVBs Readily Available

Want To Find Out More?

For more information on the XCL225/26 and the XCL230/31 series, please download the datasheets by clicking on the images below: