Marketing & Development

At TOREX, a team of professionals take charge of every phase of a new product development project, from design to after-sales service. The flexible corporate culture established at TOREX, both nurtures and inspires creativity. We quickly turn designers' new product ideas into real products.

The demand for compact, lightweight, highly precise and low-cost power supply ICs is increasing every year. Low current-consumption ICs are particularly needed to increase the degree of freedom in power supply design, extending the battery life for new portable equipment. Taking full advantage of its advanced analogue and CMOS technologies, TOREX consistently develops high speed, low noise products offering extremely low current consumption and performance lead characteristics, which easily exceed the levels achieved with traditional bipolar IC technology.

At the forefront of technology, we have successfully patented a number of innovative design features. `Green Operation`, for example, is a new feature that has been developed as a direct result of TOREX's pioneering approach and is incorporated into a number of new products that monitor the output load current within the IC. This enables the IC to automatically enter a power saving `sleep' mode whenever the output load falls below a certain level, which in turn lowers overall current consumption.

Equally significant is TOREX's development of the USP family of chip-scale packages. Ultra small, lightweight, very low profile and easy to manufacture, the USP package can also be easily `pick and placed' using existing production equipment. The USP series, (patent pending) is a major breakthrough, in that it offers a significant reduction in packaging costs and gives supreme flexibility to designers developing small battery powered products.