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Celebrating 20 Years of Torex!

16:00 10/04/2015

Torex Semiconductor is celebrating 20 years since it was founded in Okayama, Japan. Tomoyuki Fujisaka, President of Torex Semiconductor, has released a message to all that have supported the company over the years. To read the President’s message in full, click below :


As part of the celebrations Torex has also introduced a commemorative 20th Anniversary Logo, if you wish to know more about the creation and meaning behind this logo then click here

In addition, we have also updated our company history – click here to see how Torex has developed over the past 20 years …



10:00 17/10/2014

The XC9306 Synchronous Buck-Boost converter is designed to prolong battery life and efficiency in a single-cell Li-ion battery applications where the output voltage is within the battery voltage range.

The XC9306 uses a 6MHz switching frequency that allows for a smaller size inductor and capacitors, to be used. Being available in a tiny WLP-20-01 (wafer-level chip-scale) package, measuring only 2.15 × 1.94 × 0.625mm, the XC9306 really does reduce the overall mounting area required


The input voltage range is from 2.5V to 5.5V and the input current can be limited to a typical value of 3.1A, 1.3A or 0.49A. In addition, the XC9306 supports maximum output currents of 1.2A (Buck PWM Mode) and 0.8A (Boost PWM Mode).

The output voltage is programmable using an external resistor divider in the range 0.8V~5.0V. In addition the VSEL pin can be used to select a second output Voltage level for applications that require a lower chipset core Voltage during standby.